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Honeywell Commercial Security Systems

Honeywell is one of the top names in commercial security systems and as an authorized dealer, Best Security Okanagan will design and install a custom solution that meets your business’ security needs. Honeywell’s state-of-the-art systems can include wireless or hard-wired burglar alarm systems, fire and leak detection, smoke detectors, access control, and camera security surveillance systems.

Intrusion Detection

Honeywell strives to be at the forefront of technology advancements in alarm systems and communications. This industry-leader has developed ground-breaking Total Connect, GSM, and IP communications solutions, ensuring that there’s a communication system for your needs.

Honeywell’s commercial security and alarm systems aldo offer flexible hybrid control panels, touchscreen keypads, the best-selling glassbreak detectors in the world, renowned motion sensors and reliable wireless products that are easy to operate.


No matter your budget or requirements, there’s a security keypad for your business. Honeywell’s flexible, easy-to-use solutions are designed with your convenience in mind while reducing costly false alarms. Choose from revolutionary, menu-driven interfaces, talking keypads, and wireless and hardwired keypads that allow you to control your security system with ease.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, technologically-advanced solution, consider Honeywell’s touchscreen keypads which allow you to control security, lighting, temperature and more. Keypads are available with a variety of options, including colour displays, black and white displays, and voice activated keypads that can assist employees during an emergency. Easily view the status of each zone and set the alarm status for each, reducing false alarms. Your home screen can even be customized to display your company logo and phone number!


Honeywell’s field-proven sensors offer the highest quality, design and performance, protecting your business property and employees. These sensors are put through rigorous testing in state-of-the-art test rooms that are built to exceed the toughest standards. With a wide range of sensors available, Best Security Okanagan can help you create a commercial security and alarm system that’s tailored to your business.

Honeywell’s available sensors include door and window sensors, motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, magnetic contacts, photoelectric beams, wireless indoor and outdoor sensors, carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Motion Sensors – Different types of motion sensors are available to meet your needs, including wide angle, long-range detection, and harsh environments
  • Glassbreak Detectors – Honeywell’s glassbreak detectors offer the highest level of security, detection, and false alarm prevention
  • Photoelectric Beam Sensors – An ‘invisible fence’ is created by the photoelectric beam sensors and generates an alarm when broken
  • Wireless Indoor Detection Sensors – These sensors help protect valuables like artwork, computers and electronics, machinery, office equipment and more. Honeywell’s Wireless Indoor Theft Detection Sensors work with your security system, protecting your company’s valuable assets even if your alarm system is disarmed.
  • Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensors – An ideal solution for hard-to-wire outdoor spaces, wireless outdoor motion sensors can help protect construction sites, car lots, commercial buildings, utility and electrical substations, cellular sites and more.
  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors – This wireless CO detector warns building occupants well before the carbon monoxide reaches a fatal level, ensuring the safety of staff and customers.