Smart Home Security Systems from offers the best in innovative Smart Home Security systems. Trusted by millions, is your source for better security, advanced automation and dependable service. Working with GSM cellular networks and hardware partners like DSC, offers cloud-based solutions that make the most of today’s smart home technology and security systems.

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How does it work?

With award-winning technology, a top-rated app and cloud-based services, allows you to seamlessly control your Security & Smart Home solutions, including Interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Monitoring and Intelligent Automation. also connects with a vast array of smart devices, allowing you to easily control each device with a single mobile app. Unlike traditional home security systems, utilizes GSM cellular networks to ensure uninterrupted monitoring and added peace of mind, even if the phone line is cut and your broadband internet is down.

Get’s exclusive technology is the leader in today’s Smart Home Security systems thanks to their ongoing commitment to developing and embracing innovative technology solutions.

Interactive Security

Dedicated Connection
Using cellular technology,
 communicates even if the phone line is cut or the Internet or broadband is down. Plus, their patented technology keeps your home secure even if your panel is damaged.

Image Sensor
An image will be snapped and sent to you when the sensor detects activity.

Video Monitoring

Event and Motion-Triggered Recording
We can set up your system to record activity that matters, like the security system being disarmed or the front door opening. With motion-triggered recording, a video clip will be recorded when motion is detected, such as someone entering your driveway or when a basement door is opened.

Streaming Video Monitoring
Record continuous, high definition video on premises with remote viewing access.

Energy Management

Smart Schedules
The future of temperature control and energy management is here. With’s automation systems, your thermostat and home is optimized for your schedule.

Extreme Temperatures
With thermostat settings that adjust by a few degrees automatically in extreme weather, you can avoid wasted energy and lower your bills too! Rules Engine
Connect your home and get responsive automation that adjusts to your activities, not just set schedules.

Geo-fencing technology allows you to come home to the perfect environment, adjusting temperature, lighting and more as you get closer to home.

Work with the best

Alarm.coms solutions are only available through approved, best-in-class home security experts like Best Security Okanagan. As an authorized Security and Smart Home service provider, our team is committed to delivering an solution that’s customized for your needs and seamlessly integrates with your Kelowna or Okanagan home.

For more information about and Smart Home Security services, contact the team at Best Security Okanagan.