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DSC – A World Leader in Home Security

At Best Security Okanagan we choose the finest home security and alarm products for our clients, including DSC (Digital Security Controls). With headquarters in Toronto, DSC has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada and Italy with teams of leading engineers and security experts that are constantly developing quality, reliable security products.

DSC’s robust and easy-to-use home automation and home alarm systems also integrate with for added comfort and convenience.

dsc iotega
PowerG 2-Way Wireless Arming Station

DSC Touch – 7 inch ‘All-in-One’ TouchScreen

The DSC Touch is an innovative touch screen smart panel that allows homeowners to manage their home automation and home security in a single, easy-to-use interface.

DSC TouchScreen control panel

PowerSeries Neo TouchScreen Alarm Keypad

The PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen is designed with you in mind. The large, clear on-screen buttons and intuitive menu screens make your new home security system simple to use and program. For example, you only need to press the EMERGENCY button on the sidebar to access Fire, Medical, and Panic keys.

DSC also works to integrate your home alarm controls into your home design. The PowerSeries Neo TouchScreen is available in black and white; best of all, the screen can be set to display cherished photos as a slideshow or single photo when not in use. Just plug in your SD card with chosen photos and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Responsive, high-resolution 7” full-color touchscreen
  • Intuitive menu-driven interface for the user
  • Configurable home screen
  • Built-in and easy-to-update digital picture frame using integrated SD card slot
  • Simplified programing of labels using QWERTY keypad
  • Clean, low-profile case in either white or black
  • Quick-view LED status indicators (Ready, Armed, Trouble and AC Power)
  • Interactive Menu ready

DSC Wireless PowerG Flood and Temperature Detectors

DSC’s Wireless PowerG Temperature Detector and Wireless PowerG Flood Detector can help you prevent damage caused by flooding, leaks, and frozen pipes.

The home security experts at Best Security will work with you to place your DSC environmental sensors near common trouble spots like the sump pump, water heater, washing machine, and under sinks.