As a business owner, there are certain responsibilities that come with the job, including loss prevention and security for staff and customers. Whether you run an electronics store with millions of dollars in inventory or just a simple office space with a couple of desks, an updated security system is a non-negotiable these days. Not only does the insurance company like it, but your staff and customers will too!

Like all technology, commercial security systems have come a long way over the past couple of decades. Surely your business isn’t operating on an ancient IBM computer, and it also shouldn’t be operating with a dated security system either. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why your business needs an updated security system A.S.A.P.

Better technology means better image quality

If your business encounters a break-in and you review the footage, what would you see? Can the police easily identify the criminal or is the image quality about as good as the latest footage of Sasquatch?

Security cameras have come a long way over the past few years and there’s no reason why your cellphone should be capturing significantly better video than your security system. At Best Security, the absolute lowest quality cameras that we carry and install still offer a crisp and colourful 2MP resolution.

A security system that’s better connected than you are

If you can’t log in and see what’s happening in your business at any given moment, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Thanks to the internet, today’s security systems and cameras are connected to the cloud, allowing you to monitor your cameras and security details at the click of a button. Best Security Okanagan can even set it up so that you get security notifications sent to your smart phone.


business security system and security cameras

The best defense is a good offense

A great security system can protect your business from more than robberies. 24/7 monitoring can also help you defend against unwarranted legal battles, providing video evidence to support your case. Whether a customer tries to sue you for a slip and fall or a disgruntled ex-employee tries to accuse you of criminal activity, having recorded evidence can save you thousands in legal costs and help you sleep a bit better too.

A better negotiation with the insurance company

When you invest in an updated security system, you help to remove some of the risk for your insurance company. Whether you are improving emergency response times in the case of a fire or helping to deter theft, an updated security system is going to strengthen your hand when it comes time to negotiate rates and deductibles with your insurance company.

Deter would-be thieves from the inside out

Well-placed cameras and signage can help to deter burglars looking to break into your business. But, perhaps more importantly, those same cameras and a knowledge that the business is always being monitored can also reduce the potential for internal theft.

We’re sure your team is amazing, but Statistics Brain reports that 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer. So maybe an updated security system is more necessary than you think.

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